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World Renowned Instruction

Our Principal Instructor, Gene Simco has been certified by several Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Associations and trained with many different top instructors on both coasts of the US and in Brazil. He holds Black Belts in both Brazilian and Classical Jiu-jitsu; this diversity has helped create a full palate for our students to choose from; in this way, you'll never be caught off guard or left with unanswered questions.

Mr. Simco is highly respected as one of the foremost authorities on Jiu-jitsu in the World and is America's Leading Author on the subject; this, along with his diverse experience at so many Jiu-jitsu schools makes him one of the most sought after American Instructors of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu teaching in the United States.

He personally teaches Group Jiu-jitsu & MMA Classes and is available for Personal Training, which will accelerate your growth. Many of our clients are either busy career people who can not attend at the scheduled Group Class times or professionals who have a need for privacy and/or accelerated learning. If you are interested in Private Instruction, please be sure to make a note on your Online Application form.

Gene Simco: Founder, Head Instructor

Gene Simco brought Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to Dutchess County in 1997 when he founded the NYMAG academy. He has a lifetime of Martial Arts experience in several styles and holds a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. He is the author of several Books on Jiu-jitsu and is a World Renown expert in the field. He has Coached and Produced Champions at the highest levels of BJJ & MMA competition and has an outstanding relationship with the Law Enforcement and Military community.
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Gene Simco

Steven Olivier Steven Olivier: Assistant Instructor

Steven began his BJJ training with Gene Simco and is an excellent example of how well the program at our school works. In a short time training, Steven has captured titles at several Grappling tournaments, including Gold Medals at the Pan American and World Championships of Jiu-jitsu.

John Riley & James Tobin: BJJ Instructors

John and James have been dedicated students who got their start in BJJ training at NYMAG and are now giving back to the at the academy by teaching what they've learned. Both have extensive competition experience and are veteran World and Pan Am competitors.

"I have trained with John Riley and James Tobin for a little less than three years and I believe they have one of the most effective approaches to the development of BJJ. They allow a practitioner to attain a level of technicality to BJJ unlike any other instructor I trained under in other schools. BJJ is a major part of my life and I will never stop doing it."
- John Staton

John Riley and James Tobin

Anthony Vetro Anthony Vetro: Kickboxing/MMA

Anthony is a dedicated martial artist and MMA veteran with over 15 years experience; he brings his knowledge to both recreational and competitive students at NYMAG in his Kickboxing Classes.

Dave Arnold: Striking Instructor

In addition to being an avid Jiu-jitsu practitioner and life-long Martial Artist, Dave has been training in the striking arts for over 30 years and has been teaching in the Hudson Valley for a large part of that time. Dave brings his lifetime of experience to NYMAG's MMA program, teaching students valuable insight gained through experience that is hard to find anywhere else.

Dave Arnold

Brendan Weafer Brendan Weafer: Muay Thai & MMA Coach

In addition to World Class Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu instruction, we offer our students the opportunity to learn from Professional MMA Fighters like Brendan Weafer. Brendan is a training partner for some of the best fighters in the world like Georges St-Pierre and John Bones Jones. Brendan has an impressive list of MMA victories and is a rising star in the MMA World.

Brendan has lived, trained and fought in Thailand.


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