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No Rules Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - 4 DVD Set

No Rules Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - 4 DVD Set
Street Effective Groundfighting

The Leading American Author of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Books and Internationally Recognized Instructor, Gene Simco goes beyond his latest book, No Rules Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in this exciting new DVD series!


Gene uses his expertise and years of experience in multiple martial arts disciplines to help both beginners and advanced students, regardless of style understand what to expect and how to prevail on the ground in a No Rules Fight.

These are the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu techniques that will really work in uncertain environments and on hard surfaces.

No-nonsense techniques that work
in real situations!

Learn quick and easy solutions to common street-holds.

Counter the most popular ground-fighting techniques and submissions quickly and effectively.

Modify your sportive game so that you can deal with an attacker who doesn't play by the rules.

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I teach correctional officers, police officers, and SWAT team members. All of the people I teach have used Gene Simco's Jiu-jitsu techniques in real life situations and have proven their effectiveness. I spent 5 years as a bouncer, 7 years working in the Department of Corrections, and 2 years working in the Department of Juvenile Justice. To this day I still use Gene Simco's Master Text and Jiu-jitsu DVDs. I have not only used these techniques on the street but I have also used them to tap out Jiu-jitsu instructors. I can't say enough about how good all of Gene Simco's products are. If you really want to understand Jiu-jitsu, or plan on surviving a fight in today's harsh world, then you need to know Gene Simco's Jiu-jitsu techniques. Thank you Gene for everything you have done for me, my fellow law enforcement officer's, and the Jiu-jitsu community.

Jason Richards
Diesel Mixed Martial Arts

SWAT Endorsement:

"I am a veteran Police Officer with 23 years of experience in a major city in the North east. I am currently assigned to their Emergency Service Unit which performs a SWAT function for the city. I routinely handle high risk warrant service, violent felons, emotionally disturbed persons, barricaded gunmen and hostage takers. I have found that for me Gene Simco's No Rules BJJ: Street Effective Groundfighting series is a practical, pragmatic approach to functionalizing your bjj skills for non-mat friendly environments. The organization and presentation of the material is clear and progressive, easily assimilated by both the beginner and advanced practitioner looking to transition his or her skills from the mat to the street. Focus is also given to developing a street guard as well as beating the guard which presents a sizable amount of problems for the uninitiated. The dvd set offers any level practitioner enough variation, detail and ideas that can be successfully integrated into their own every day practice."

Jim Barnes

Hey, Gene!
Thank you so much for your No Rules Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu video set! The instruction contained therein is top-notch and very professional. We would highly recommend this video set to anyone just getting into BJJ and/or anyone who wants to expand their current skill-set.

Keep up the great work! We look forward to reviewing more of your material!
Martial Law Magazine

Gene Simco has unparalleled teaching skills and the athleticism to demonstrate the many and varied techniques of Jiu-Jitsu. An elite master of this martial art, his insight into the nuances and variations of the moves is truly astounding. We use his videos to supplement our hands on practice of takedown and grappling techniques.
-- Nelson J. Ortiz, Columbia, MD
No Rounds, No Ref, No Ring
All Five DVDs Include

  • Full Motion Chapter Menus for Quick and Easy Referencing and Navigation
  • Original Soundtrack
  • High Quality Widescreen Picture and Sound
  • Code Free - will play in any country
  • Multiple camera angles so no detail is missed


DVD 1 - Beating the Guard

Become a Brazilian jiu-jitsu Player's Worst Nightmare & Fear the Mysteries of the Guard No Longer! This DVD will teach you how to quickly dominate an opponent attempting to sweep or submit you from his back.

This DVD includes:

  • Passing Methods Specifically Designed for Hard Surfaces and Situational Awareness
  • Counters to typical Guard Positions - Tap your Opponent Out from Inside his Guard.
  • Counters to some of the most common submissions: Kimura, Armbar, Triangle, Bicep Lock, Guillotine Don't just escape, TAP HIM OUT!

DVD 2 - Finishing on Top

Learn how to dominate your opponent after you pass his guard or if he goes to all fours. The techniques shown on this DVD are meant to keep you mobile and finish adversaries efficiently on hard surfaces and in the toughest environments.

This DVD includes:

  • Solutions vs. opponents who are biting, punching and kicking.
  • Hold Downs for "Street Fighting" situations
  • Details about the Knee On Belly Position - Movement and Submission
  • Find out what Does and Doesn't work in a No Rules Environment.
  • How to modify common Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Techniques so that they still work on the Street.
  • Chokes, Armlocks and Footlocks
  • How to submit and restrain an opponent who is on all-fours.

DVD 3 - Street Guard

Learn how to modify your guard in case you've been put on your back in a real fight; these are the moves that really work when your opponent isn't playing by the rules.

This DVD includes:

  • How to deal with punches, and groin attacks
  • Reversing strong opponents who are using unorthodox techniques against you.
  • Unique guard positioning to ensure you don't get hit.
  • No Rules Details for common Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Moves
  • How to set up BJJ Techniques on the street.
  • What Guard moves DO and DON'T work in a No Rules setting.
  • Street Guard vs. an opponent who is standing or on his knees.
  • How to dominate and finish your opponent from the back

DVD 4 - Escaping Street Holds

This DVD will show you how to effectively escape from positions that are often ignored in a typical sport Jiu-jitsu school; Learn how to escape or tap your opponent out from seemingly bad situations.

This DVD includes:

  • Escapes from common 'Street-Holds' like the cradle and headlock
  • How to catch your opponent off guard and submit him from the bottom.
  • Escape from the Rear Naked Choke
  • Counters to attacks from the back and the leg triangle
  • Reversing the all fours position
  • Escapes from the Side Control and Kesa Gatame Position.
  • Effective Mount Escapes while your opponent is punching you.
The Techniques in this series are dangerous. You should consult a physician before training. JIU-JITSU.NET, NYMAG ltd and its affiliates will not be responsible for any misuse of the information contained herein.

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