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Mastering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - 8 DVD Set

Your Search for the Most Complete

If you are looking to have a well-rounded game, this is the set for you...
and you might never have to buy another Jiu-jisu DVD again!

The Master Text DVD Series

The Enormous Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Book that Black Belt Magazine called the Best is Now Available on this Exciting High Quality DVD Box Set!

Join the Leading Author of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Books as he brings his biggest title to life on this high quality DVD series and Holds Nothing Back, teaching the Secrets of Advanced Brazilian Jiu-jitsu!

The First American Author of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Books takes an intelligent approach to Jiu-jitsu: Train Smart for Faster Advancement with this easy to use and well organized series that makes learning Jiu-jitsu at an advanced level easy to understand and put into action. This series follows a script based on the award winning Master Text, so all of the moves are sequenced together and organized by position, making them easy to learn and keeping you a step ahead of your opponent at all times.


This DVD Set contains all Original NEW Material not seen in any other DVD instructional or compilation and was made specifically for Sale at this site and selected retailers.

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 Money-Saving Box Set 
Sale Price - $199

Regular Price - $319.60
(8 DVDs @ $39.95 each)

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Gene Simco has unparalleled teaching skills and the athleticism to demonstrate the many and varied techniques of Jiu-Jitsu. An elite master of this martial art, his insight into the nuances and variations of the moves is truly astounding. We use his videos to supplement our hands on practice of takedown and grappling techniques.
-- Nelson J. Ortiz, Columbia, MD

Before you spend a ton of money on a bunch of BJJ DVD Sets for different parts of BJJ that will overlap information, READ THIS:

The Most Complete Look at Brazilian Jiu-jitsu on DVD

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu * Submission Grappling * Vale Tudo

No Other Set on the Market Covers All Aspects of the Game Like this one!

Each Aspect of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Fighting is covered in this Incredible New DVD Set: Sport Jiu-jitsu with the Gi, Submission Grappling (Sport without the Gi) and Vale Tudo/MMA (No Rules Fighting)! The Most Advanced Techniques from all positions are covered in each area: Standing, Guard Passing, Top Control and Guard, Sweeps and Submissions, Escapes, Counters, Reversals and More! This DVD set is the most complete look at Brazilian Jiu-jitsu on DVD.

Some people buy DVDs that cover one aspect of the game as they need to work on it and in the process, end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars! If you are serious about being Well-Rounded and taking your game to the next level, this set will save you time and money!

Now you don't have to fumble through a bunch of DVDs to find the technique you want to work on!
Each Volume has chapter breaks on every technique for easy reference and navigation and is Organized JUST LIKE THE Award Winning Master Text. Advanced Details and Techniques that couldn't be shown on paper come to Life in crystal clear digital quality on Screen!

Unlock the Secrets of Jiu-jitsu with the right combination of moves!
While many other instructionals show a good move here and there, this set will show you the proper sequence, grouping and set-ups to use when fighting a more advanced opponent. Details within each move are shown that are often overlooked or hidden by Jiu-jitsu instructors. A Triangle Choke is a move that everyone learns in the first few months of Jiu-jitsu training, yet Black Belts get it on each other all the time … so why aren't you? In order to make moves work on advanced fighters, you have to know what their counter or reaction will be. This series will show you the counter, then how to counter that counter along with the proper time and place to perform them so that you can easily predict where your opponent will be before he goes there. Along with new advanced techniques, you'll learn the hidden details inside even the most basic of moves to make them work at a truly advanced level.

Navigate Easily Through Advanced Details Not Found in Any Book or DVD!

  • Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt Instruction Detailing Advanced Moves in High Quality Professional Film and Crystal Clear Digital Sound!
  • Multiple Camera Angles so no detail is missed
  • Clear explanations in English you can understand.
  • DVDs divided into Chapters, Just like the Award Winning Master Text!
  • Sport Jiu-jitsu, Submission Grappling & MMA/Vale Tudo!
  • Go Beyond the Master Text with New More Advanced Techniques, Details and Set ups that will Bring your Game to an Advanced Level!

These DVDs are PACKED with Information!
Each DVD contains two to three times more information than the average instructional DVD. No unnecessary slow motion or repeat techniques to fill space or waste time; each move is gone over clearly in plain English with multiple camera angles so that no detail is missed. There are no long winded time wasters to fast forward through, making this an excellent reference set. Each technique is described and shown clearly and completely, and then on to the next so you get more moves for your money.

Why are these DVDs only available as a Set?
There are several reasons we only sell the Mastering Brazilian Jiu-jitsu DVD series as a set. The first is money; we would normally sell an advanced DVD with this much information for $39.95 and selling them at that price would mean a cost of nearly $320 for all 8 DVDs. By packaging the DVDs together, it saves on unnecessary cost of materials, allowing us to charge less. The other reason is due to the presentation of information and the way jiu-jitsu works at an advanced level. Unlike many other instructionals, this set follows a logical progression, showing set-ups and linking techniques together so that you can trick your opponent into making mistakes or stay a few moves ahead. This is the kind of game that truly separates a beginner from an advanced practitioner; a novice can get a single submission on another novice, but you will need to understand the set up to get that same submission on a more skilled opponent. Another reason is teaching method: there is a way to teach Jiu-jitsu so that you learn faster and retain high levels of information through logical progression and proper grouping of techniques; this set will give you the combination to unlock your advanced potential.

Here are Just SOME of the Techniques Detailed in this Series:

DVD One - Standing Techniques

Learn techniques from the feet for Sport jiu-jitsu with the Gi, Submission Grappling and MMA/Vale Tudo fighting. Well organized chapters can be reviewed through full motion picture menus that break down each technique within style groupings. Learn takedowns using the gi and attacks like a special variation of the flying armbar that anyone can do. Moves are sequenced together so that your opponent's defense to one opens the door to your next takedown. The secrets of takedowns without the gi are taught for submission grappling competitors along with some surprising reversals and counters that your opponent will not expect … unless he has this set! In addition to takedowns, you will learn how to finish your opponent from the standing position with moves like the guillotine, the crucifix and more, plus you'll learn the counters and reversals to these moves. The MMA game with strikes is covered for those looking to bring their No Rules fighting game to the next level. Learn how to deal with an opponent's strikes, effectively achieve the clinch and put your opponent on the ground. Learn devastating neck cranks and the secrets of advanced moves like the Kimura Throw.


DVD Two - Take Down Defense and Attacking the Back Position

The first part of this DVD is divided into three parts: Sport Jiu-jitsu, Submission Grappling and MMA/Vale Tudo. In each practice, counters to submissions are shown, like the rolling omoplata, the rolling choke, crucifixu, clock choke variations, side chokes and more for the Gi. For No-Gi, learn proper sprawling and associated drills, the rolling kimura lock, chokes and other reversals for use in the sport of Submission Grappling. If sport isn't your thing, don't worry, this set details more than the average number of neck cranks, chokes and reversals against an opponent trying to put you on your back. Once you've stopped your opponent from taking you down, you'll learn how to take the back and finish from just about every possible position, including ways to attack the 'turtle' position. Advanced chokes with and without the gi, reverse triangles, arm locks, non-sportive moves like face crushes and neck cranks and strikes are all detailed on this DVD. Once you've learned how to completely dominate your opponent, you'll be taught the secrets to escaping and reversing the submissions you've just seen.


DVD Three - Passing the Guard Pt. 1

This Disc is dedicated to passing the guard by leg position and type for both Gi and No Gi practice. In addition, methods for passing with striking techniques are shown. Lean several ways to pass every imaginable type of guard and leg position. Learn how to pass in a sequenced manner that baits your opponent into practically giving you the pass. On this DVD, you'll learn multiple ways to pass the Closed Guard, the scissor legs and feet in hips position and the feet in biceps and spider guard. In addition, you'll learn ways to counter some of these positions and how to surprise you opponent by tapping them from inside their guard!


DVD Four - Passing the Guard Pt. 2

The Guard Passing continues with this powerful DVD showing an advanced sequential approach to passing different guard types both with and without the gi. Learn how to pass guard types like the DeLaRiva Guard, Butterfly Guard and Half Guard, and then learn how to tap your opponent from inside his guard in order to end the fight quickly with moves like the anaconda choke. Learn several ways to escape each of the most popular submissions like the armbar, the triangle choke, the kimura, guillotine and more. All moves are divided by guard type, then broken into chapters that can be navigated by full motion menus with breaks on each move.


DVD Five - Top Hold/Bottom Escape

This DVD is one of the most innovative instructionals about control, movement and the relationship of top to bottom game ever produced. You will not only learn how to hold your opponent down and transition when your opponent tries to escape, you'll also learn an incredible multitude of escaping techniques from top positions. An unbelievable amount of escapes are shown fro side control, learn several ways to escape Kesa Gatame, the Reverse Kesa Gatame, Knee On Belly and the mount position for any type of sport or fighting situation. The transitions are all categorized and sequenced by position. An understanding of the opposing game will help you to anticipate and predict attacks, bringing your ability to escape from holds to an advanced level.


DVD Six - Attacks from the Top

This DVD takes all of the holds and transitions you've just learn from the previous DVD and builds submissions in on and around them. Like all of the discs in this set, each move can easily be found in full motion chapter menus. Learn advanced collar chokes with the gi, using ever single part of his gi and yours against him. Counters to every type of escape are shown including a multitude of ways to finish an opponent resisting moves like the armbar and kimura for both gi and no gi practice. As new submissions are learned, escapes are also shown so that you have a better understanding of the complete game. Learn Arm Locks, Shoulder Locks, Spine licks, Knee Bars, Ankle Locks and more. Devastating and unexpected submissions are shown that will leave an opponent at any level confused and defeated.


DVD Seven - The Guard Pt. 1

The Advanced Guard instruction begins with this DVD, containing two to three volumes of information. First, ways to beat guard passes are shown, whether your opponent is under one leg, under both legs or over your legs, this disc will show you several ways to beat each type of guard passing approach with defenses, reversals and submissions. Once your opponent is stuck in your guard, you will learn the advanced details of the bottom position by type for both gi and no gi practice. More than you will ever need to know about the closed guard is shown on this dvd, including ways to reverse your opponent, choke your opponent with hidden details inside chokes with the collar and moves like gogplata without it. Learn devastating sequences from the whizzer position, the arm under position and surprising tricks that your opponent won't expect when he's tapping from inside your closed guard. Next, you will move through open guard types by leg position, like feet in the hips, scissor legs, feet in the biceps and spider guard; no matter where your legs are, your opponent will be in trouble. The highest level of sequencing is shown here in order to set up your opponent for both sweeps and submissions with and without the gi.


DVD Eight - The Guard Pt. 2

Your Mastery of the open guard continues on this dvd with sweeps and submissions from the DeLaRiva Guard, X Guard, Butterfly Guard, Half Guard and more. You will learn several attacks from each guard type that can easily be reference through out full motion thumbnail menu system. In addition to learning the advance guard by leg position and type, you will learn how to finish an opponent from key foundations and positions, linking techniques together that stem from base moves like the armbar, triangle and omoplata. Learn what to do against every type of escape or form of resistance your opponent tries to throw at you and finish him with a seemingly unlimited barrage of moves. Every angle and detail is covered so that you will develop a near ability to predict the future of your opponent's movements and stay ahead of him throughout the game.

Experts and Industry Leaders like:
  • The Special Operations Combative Arts Association
  • Army Combatives Instructors
  • Grappler's Quest
  • SWAT Personnel
  • Ultimate Fighting Champions
  • Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Champions
  • U.S. Secret Service Personnel
  • Black Belt Magazine
All Endorse Gene Simco's Products as some of the Best in the art of Jiu-jitsu!

Still Haven't Ordered Yet?

Then read to what these EXPERTS have to say about Gene Simco...

Major Chuck P., an Army Combatives Instructor at the prestigious U.S. Military Academy at West Point with REAL combat experience and 6 years of BJJ talks about Gene's Instruction

    I recently had the pleasure of having Gene Simco teach a BJJ class to a group of Army officers and United States Military Academy cadets. I am currently in my sixth year as a practitioner of BJJ. I have served as a combatives instructor at the Infantry School at Fort Benning, Georgia and currently I am teaching combatives at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Gene organized a quick drill to quickly access the level of proficiency of each fighter in the room, and then began to teach. Gene has the unique ability to simplify the simple and get you focused on the importance of the basics. He personally worked with every fighter in the room, and at the end of two hours every student had improved their ground fighting game. For the next three days, we drilled the techniques taught by Gene, and our ability to pass the guard has improved drastically. Many folks that I have trained with always want the high end "flying arm-bar" type of instruction. Gene quickly showed us where we were sloppy with our basics. Within seconds of listening to Gene, watching him teach and move on the ground, you realize that he is world class and worth listening to. Gene has a professional but personable style and is able to speak and teach at the appropriate level to each student. I would recommend learning from Gene personally or through the use of his books and videos to anyone wanting to improve their military/police combatives, sport BJJ, MMA, or self defense skills.
    - MAJ Chuck Pudil - Combatives Instructor, United States Military Academy

... or these BJJ Black Belts

    Hi: this is Jacare. I've been training bjj for 35 years and Gene's book is one of the best books in the market. I strongly advise everybody that practise jiu jitsu to buy it.
    -- Romero "Jacare´" Cavalcanti (founder of Alliance Jiu-jitsu and one of 5 Rolls Gracie Black Belts)

    One of my students got your book (The Master Text) and I personally think that is a great book. Very good technique and also good pictures. You are just making it easy for people to learn.
    - Gustavo Machado

...and Ultimate Fighting Champions

    Gene Simco happens to be a very important part of The Pit, our curriculum, and our fight team. Gene is a valuable resource to us, as well as a good friend. He worked Gan McGee's corner in his last UFC fight, Chuck Lidell, Team Quest (Randy Coture, Matt Linland, Dan Henderson), BJ Penn all respect Gene and find his book (The Master Text) a great learning tool. Good idea for any doubters...get your ass up to Poughkeepsie, NY, and see if you can hang with Gene on the mat (not many can). - John Hanckleman, UFC Trainer

...or People Like YOU

    The counters from Half Guard you show on your Master Text DVD set are awesome. The higher belts at my school pull half guard on me all the time and before I watched your set, they were either sweeping me all over the place or tapping me out but now I'm tapping them from their favorite position! Thanks for releasing this kind of information and making it easy to understand.
    - Brian Myers, Houston, TX

    I spent thousands of dollars on DVD sets from the latest fighter of the month claiming to teach some new move he invented only to realize that its been around for 100 years and one move won't make you a better fighter. Some of these fighters have been fighting since they could walk and don't know what its like to be you, they should leave the teaching to the teachers! Gene Simco wasn't born into some martial arts family, he has the system for teaching this stuff and holds nothing back. His reputation is based on great instruction and I can see why the competition is jealous.
    - Mike Adams, FL

    I trained at a 'fight family' BJJ academy for years and watched the children of these 'teachers' surpass loyal students who have been training there for years longer. I can understand how they don't want to create competition for themselves, but information is obviously being 'kept in the family'. Your products were an eye opening experience for me. It was amazing to see all the details that I wasn't being taught! Thanks, Gene!
    - Jason Williams, CA

    The Master Text DVD set is absolutely the most amazing thing I've ever seen! Although it had so many moves, almost too many moves, it was easy to navigate and well organized. Man, you really found the perfect balance here and as I watch it again and again and again, I find it a challenge to see anything in BJJ that's missing.
    - Dan Majors, NJ

 Money-Saving Box Set 
Sale Price - $199
Regular Price - $319.60
(8 DVDs @ $39.95 each)

Order Online

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