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Advanced BJJ Instructional DVD Series

Take Your Game to the Next Level...

Jiu-jitsu Advanced is a DVD series that will show you how to use the Fundamentals you already know against advanced opponents by Building on the Basics. You will also learn new techniques not shown in any other instructional series. Learn New Guard positions and drills to help you flow from Guard Type to Guard Type easily, making your Guard Nearly Un-Passable! Learn Methods of Guard Passing that will make passing even the most complicated guard types seem easy. You will learn submissions that very few will ever show you how to do properly.

"Jiu-Jitsu Advanced is not just a bunch of Advanced BJJ moves, it is advancing the art of Jiu-jitsu with new methods, positions and techniques never before seen on DVD."

In addition to learning new submissions that will surprise experienced opponents, you will also learn how to use the submissions you already know to set up more advanced moves that will allow you to submit even the best Jiu-jitsu Players.

This DVD Series takes a dynamic approach to learning by Filming in the classroom and showing multiple angles, actual drills, questions being answered and troubleshooting. These DVDs are shot with High Quality HD cameras for the best look and sound and will play in any standard DVD player.

* Some of the no-gi footage on this DVD series can also be found on the JIU-JITSU for MMA 8DVD set, if you are looking for no-gi only, check that set out.

Set 1 - Top Game

DVD 1 - Passing the Guard Gi and No Gi. Closed Guard - Learn how to stop from being submitted and Break the Hooks (uncross the ankles) of even the best opponent and then pass his guard. Half Guard - Learn to pass the Half Guard in sequence so that as he defends one pass attempt, you are one step ahead of him with the next move. Spider Guard - Learn how to free your arms from your opponents grip and legs and pass the spider guard. Rubber Guard - Learn how to pass the Rubber Guard when your posture has been broken and you are in danger of being submitted.

DVD 2 - Passing the Guard - No Gi - Learn to Pass all open Guard Types with two different Common Denominator Methods! This easy to remember system will allow you to perfect two key passing movements and use them against a large number of guard types, taking the complexity out of Guard Passing. Guard Passing for Feet in Hips, Butterfly Guard, X Guard, Half Guard, DeLaRiva Guard and Seated Guard.

DVD 3 - Top Attacks No Gi - 45 Degree Side - Learn how to hold your opponent so that he cannot escape and then submit him with a series of attacks that can be performed while maintaining pressure on your opponent. Transition to Reverse Scarf Hold where you will learn a series of unexpected submissions. Learn Attacks from the Knee on Belly position that work without the gi!

DVD 4 - Top Attacks Gi - Learn how to use your opponent's gi against them with a series of submissions for both sides of his collar. You will also learn how to use the Paper Cutter choke to set up an advanced series that your opponent won't see coming. Take your North South attacks to the next level and learn how to use what you already know to set up moves that most Jiu-jitsu players never learn.

Set 2 - Guard Game

DVD 1 - Closed Guard Breaking Posture - Learn how to break down an opponent who has great guard posture so that you can submit him with a series of attacks. Finishing from the arm bar Position - Learn how to submit an opponent who is defending against or resisting your arm bar attempt, Finishing from the Triangle Position, Open Guard Transition Drill through Guard Types - Learn to flow seamlessly through open guard types as your opponent tries to pass.

DVD 2 - No Gi - Learn sweeps from the Butterfly Guard, how to transition from Butterfly to X Guard. Once in X Guard, you will learn a series of sweeps that are sequenced together based on your opponent's defenses and pass attempts. You will then learn how to set up and use the Rubber Guard effectively against trained opponents to get your submission.

DVD 3 - THE Ultimate Half Guard DVD! Gi and No Gi - Half Guard - Total Half Guard from All Positions - Seated, Low Half Guard, Half While Flattened and Half Shin Across for Gi.

DVD 4 - ZigZag Guard - Never before seen on DVD! Learn a New Guard Position that will present even the most Advanced Players with an almost impossible task of Passing your Guard. From this guard type, you will learn how to control your opponent and then set him up for a ton different sweeps and submission no matter what way he goes!

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