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Andre Pederneiras Interview

Name: Andre Pederneiras
Born: march,22-1967
Weight: 155 pounds
Years of training: 20
Black Belt: 5 degree(Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)
Judo: 1 dan
National Champion: 6 times(brazilian Jiu Jitsu)
City Champion; 10 times(Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)
Shooto Champion 1998(defeat Rumina Sato by KO)
Shooto 1999: Draw vs Kaoro Uno
2000 Collision; Draw agaist Genki Sudo

Interview by Joanna Marques

When you start the Nova Uniao team?
How many Championships the team Nova Uniao won?
       2 time world Champion, 4 times Brazilian Champion, 6 times State Champion( won all the state Championships) 3 times Brazilian Champion by teams, and many other titles.
How many Black Belts you have under your own promotion?
       49 black belts.
How Many Black Belts in USA?
How about you Andre, tell us more about your fights? Which ones gave you the greatest challenge?
       My hardest fight would have to be my fight against Pat Milletich. I was not able to compete at my best due to a knee injury, and an intestinal parasite. I could handle the knee injury because I am still dealing with the ligament damage today. But the parasite really took me out. I was dehydrated, I lost a lot of weight because I could eat anything.
Would you like a rematch with Pat Milletich?
       I would love to have a rematch with him. If I lose to him again, I will not have a problem with that. But I want to lose being healthy and in the best shape. I am positive that no matter who wins we are going to put on a great fight.
Tell us about Rumina Sato. He is one of the top shoot fighters in Japan.
       He said that before the fight that no matter which Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter steps into the ring, he (Sato) is going to beat the mess out of them. After the fight I spoke to the reporters and told them that maybe Sato was talking about another Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, not me.
Tell us about the fight between you and Sato. The outcome really shocked the Japanese.
       Well, I kicked his face while he was on the ground, passed his guard and punched him four times the face. I saw after the first punch that he was finished, but I kept punching to make sure it was over.
Tell us about your future fight plans.
       I have been in contact with the promoters of the Deep 2001 fight, and I should have a fight later this year. I don't know who I will be fighting, but as long as they pay, I will fight anybody.
Andre, is it true that you organized the first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament?
       Yes it is true. I organized the first Brazilian Championship in 1993 in Rio de Janeiro.
Did you collaborate on this event with the president of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Confederation, Mr. Carlos Gracie Jr.?
       Of course not. The conferderation did not exist yet when I was putting this tournament together. After my idea, Carlos Gracie created the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Confederation and started to make the other Brazilian tournaments.
What is the difference between the first Brazilian Championship that you created and the BJJ confederation tournament?
       Price for one. In my tournament, I charged competitors $10 per person, and Carlos Gracie Jr. charged $30. I only charged $10, but I held the event at an expensive place called Club Hebraica. At the time his tournament was held at the Iate Clube Jardim Guanabara, and I know he paid nothing for this place.
So basically he made a much greater profit that you did?
       Exactly. I created the tournament so that all BJJ fighters could compete and have a good time, not to get rich. Our priorities were just different.
What brings you to the U.S.A this time?
       I did a whirlwind seminar tour. I went to 8 cities in 17 days and taught seminars and private lessons. I will be back here again sometime in November of this year (2001).
Any feedback from the seminars?
       I like to do this to help keep the American practitioners current on the newest techniques from Brazil. I showed a lot of new stuff, and spent some time polishing details on older, but very effective, techniques.
Thank you for your time Andre.
       My pleasure. I hope to see all of the students and some new student on my next tour of the U.S..
How can people reach you to schedule seminars and get information on training with you and associations with your academy.
       I can be reached at 011 5521 245 0799, 011 5521 551 3438, or my cellular number 011 5521 986 13762.

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