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Fight Fitness DVD

What would normally
be an entire 4 DVD
set is now available
for only $49.95!

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Fight Fitness DVD
Home Training for the Combat Athlete!


Several Workouts and Volumes of Instruction by Certified Personal Trainers, Jiu-jitsu Black Belts and Professional Fighters Jam-Packed into the Most Complete High Quality Home Workout for Fighters Ever Made!


These Solo Drills can be done at home without a partner!

These are Exercises are Guaranteed to

  • Increase Stamina
  • Improve Technique
  • Better Flexibility
  • Enhance Muscle Coordination and Endurance

Additional Core Training & Natural Gymnastics Exercises Included!

Better Stamina = More Training Time

More Training Time = Getting Better Faster!

The best way to improve technique is through Constant Drilling

This DVD is broken into Several Parts:

    Complete Instruction: First, all of the movements are explained and reviewed; they all have specific relationships to more than one Jiu-jitsu & Boxing movement used everyday on the mat.

    All of the moves can be easily navigated through chapter by chapter.

    These drills will help you with your Takedowns, Positions, Guard Defense, Escapes, Strikes and Submissions like Omoplata, the Armbar and Triangle Choke.

    The Workout: Next, you are taken through a workout that you can do at home in a small space which combines all of the movements previously learned.

We Bring Jiu-jitsu Class Right to Your Living Room!

This is a great supplement for both the hardcore MMA enthusiast and those cannot get to the school as much as they would like to.

We've also Added the Following Bonus Sections:

  • Boxing Drills
  • Stretching Routines
  • Strength and Conditioning Exercises
  • Jiu-jitsu Techniques
  • The Grappler's Heavy Bag Workout

It doesn't matter how nice your car is, without gas, you aren't going anywhere

Have you ever gone for a Submission and Gassed Out before you could finish it?

Have you Tapped for something You Know you can Escape From?

You Had him and it was just your body that failed you!

Using this DVD will make sure that doesn't happen again!

This DVD will also help you develop the instinctive reactions that make you a better player by taking your mind off the move and putting it where it belongs: IN THE GAME!

We've used the latest digital technology to Pack Four Volumes of High Quality filmed Instruction onto ONE DVD to SAVE YOU MONEY on Product cost and Shipping!

Order now!
What would normally be an entire set is now available
on ONE DVD for only $49.95!


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