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Jiu-jitsu Instructional DVDs
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Essential Techniques

Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Basics- Mastering the Essential Techniques "The Leading Author of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Books brings his Best Seller to life in this High Quality Jiu-jitsu Instructional DVD Series. These are the High Percentage Jiu-jitsu Techniques that Every Martial Artist MUST KNOW!"
Used and Endorsed by Special Ops

Randy McElwee, Director Special Operations Combative Arts Association "We spoke a few years ago just following the attacks of Sept 11 and you made a generous offer to provide training for my team at 5TH Special Forces Group and sent us additional copies of your 1st book. Since then I have encouraged my students and members of my Association to buy and read your books especially the Master Text. I just recently purchased your DVD series "Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Essential Techniques". I wanted to tell you what an excellent training reference I think your DVDs are. The techniques and presentation is excellent and exemplifies the principles we endorse as critical in the military combatives training of our Special Operators."
-- Randy McElwee, Director Special Operations Combative Arts Association

What are High Percentage Moves?

They are techniques that:

  • Do not require a high level of flexibility or strength to perform.
  • Do not rely on your opponent being less skilled or weaker than you, in order to work.
  • Are reliable and usable under pressure.
  • You MUST master in order to become a high-level fighter.
  • Win most fights.
  • Beginners must learn and more advanced players must perfect.
  • You must master to get your black belt.
  • Black Belts use to win most fights!
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Samples from the DVDs Streaming Video

"When fighters from other styles need to get good, fast. This is EXACTLY what I teach them."
-- Gene Simco


Each volume is packed with easy-to-follow instruction


Volume 1 - Standing Techniques

Learn The Fundamental Standing technique of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for Self Defense. This DVD will detail how to defend yourself against strikers and close the distance in order to clinch. Takedowns are shown from the clinch position and when your opponent is holding you from behind. This DVD also include a special Highlight Video, Introduction or beginners, and an original soundtrack.
  • The fundamental standing technique of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for self defense.
  • How to defend yourself against strikers and close the distance so you can clinch.
  • Take downs from the clinch position and when your opponent is holding you from behind.

Volume 2 - Attacks from the Top

These are the best high percentage techniques that no groundfighter can be without. Guard passing, Hold Downs, Submissions from the Top and attacks form the Back are shown in excellent detail and high quality production. An introduction and highlight video act as bookends for this must have instructional DVD.
  • High percentage techniques that no ground fighter can be without.
  • Guard passing, Hold-Downs, submissions from the top.
  • Attacks from the back .

Volume 3 - The Guard

These are the most important sweeps, and submissions from the guard position that everyone fighting from the back MUST KNOW. Learn the 'three pillars' of guard submission and how to combine them all. Also detailed are chokes and armlocks along with their combinations when your opponent tries to escape and sweeps when they block your move. This series is great as both self defense and sportive applications are shown. This Instructional boasts high quality production values, a seperat introduction piece for beginners and a special highlight video to original music by grammy nominated artists.
  • Essential sweeps, submissions, chokes and arm locks from the guard position.
  • How to combine the 'Three Pillars' of guard submission .
  • Combinations and sweeps when your opponent tries to escape and block your moves .

Volume 4 - Escapes and Leg Locks

The must know escapes are detailed using only two fundamental movements to escape a large variety of pins. Escaping is made easy to learn using only the most effective tried and true methods. This DVD also includes leg locks, using the most effective new details to make the lock inescapable. Bonus: learn prevention and escapes from the most common leg locks in your opponent's arsenal, then beat him at his own game! Great camerawork, editing, original music and attention to detail give the bonus tracks and introduction an edge over all other BJJ instructionals available on the market.
  • Easy pin escapes using only two fundamental movements .
  • Inescapable leg locks.
  • Prevent and escape the most common leg locks and beat your opponent at his own game!

Each DVD Also Includes:

  • Original Music by Grammy Nominated Artist, Joe Cutrera and World on Fire
  • Bonus Highlight Video
  • Introduction For Beginners
It is unfortunate that many skilled martial artists lack the ability to convey their knowledge to others. Teaching martial arts requires a skill bank that only a few talented individuals possess. Gene Simco is one of those rare individuals. After watching Gene Simco's Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Basics DVD, I knew that he was more than a skilled practitioner. Gene's DVDs provide definitive instruction that incorporates effective researched based teaching principles. In addition, he makes the viewer feel comfortable and and quite capable of learning the material he demonstrates. His sound detailed explanations reinforce the techniques that he describes. It is quite apparent that Gene cares about the the quality of his product and you the viewer/student. As a school district administrator and a martial arts instructor with over thirty years of experience, it is a pleasure to recommend Gene Simco's DVDs to all martial artists that want to enhance their understanding of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

George Kattouf
Director of Special Education Altoona Area School District
Jin Pal Hapkido Martial Arts Instructor

Gene Simco has unparalleled teaching skills and the athleticism to demonstrate the many and varied techniques of Jiu-Jitsu. An elite master of this martial art, his insight into the nuances and variations of the moves is truly astounding. We use his videos to supplement our hands on practice of takedown and grappling techniques.

-- Nelson J. Ortiz, Columbia, MD

Hi Gene,
I just had to send you a very quick note thanking you for creating such a superb instructional book as 'Mastering BJJ - The essential techniques'. I have only recently started out in BJJ (Only 3 classes so far), but I'm really loving it. I was fortunate enough to train in Judo for around 11 yrs and got to a pretty good standard, but always felt like I'd be at risk if ever the need arose for street defense. BJJ is proving to be the next step I have been craving for 10 yrs or so. I received the book last week and have read it cover to cover 5 times and truthfully cannot put it down. I have purposely ignored the finishing moves for the time being as I would like to get my positional game up to speed and under control first (as there seem to be so many escapes and moves to be learnt). The accompanying DVD is in a class of it's own and your teaching style a pleasure to watch. It has focused me even more to succeed in BJJ and hopefully, some years down the line, I'll be swapping the 'Essential techniques' for the 'Master text'.

Many many thanks,

Drew Hopkinson.
United Kingdom

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