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Just a short note to let you know at jiu how much help you have been in the past year with our training. I teach at an native american reservation and it is so isolated that the unemployment rate is about 95%. Many of the kids in the community are turning to alcohol and drugs as a means of release. One positve point is that jiu jitsu is there. ... your book the master text has been invaluable. We had to wait until it was on sale (9.99) which was a steal. We look foward to your new book and have saved for it... I think this is the first time I have seen anyone who is willing to give for the good of others and rest assured ... we appreciate your generosity and goodwill. Keep up the great work. -- 8/2003

"Thanks for the prompt reply and the calendar, I am really stoked about this and am very grateful for your generosity. If any of you come to England you must train at Gracie Barra UK!!! I can't wait to get started on the Master Text techniques and am counting the days until it arrives. The site is the best jiu-jitsu site around and I work for a web design company! Keep up the innovation!" -- Rob Allen.

"I just wanted to let you know, that I love your web site, and the great service you seem to be providing to the BJJ Community at large. I couldn't help notice that you also interview 2 of my favorite BJJ instructors Andres Pederneira, and Roberto (Magilla) Marquez. I will eventually order your book one of this days, I been looking for one for a while and I just bought the Gracie text book. Thanks and keep up the good work, yours truly a combat judo grappler, who might be switching to BJJ." -- Moris

" is a great collection of information on Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. Make it your first stop when you want to know anything about this great Art! Once you go there you will always go back!" -- Elvis "The King of Rock n Rumble" Sinosic (

I have searched the Internet for many techniques in BJJ yours is the most well explained comprehensive site i have seen. I am a continuing student of BJJ. I believe fully that this is the best martial arts of all. since first seeing Royce Gracie in one of his first competions I am a firm believer. I being only 155 lbs 6'1, I have won many A street fight using these techniques. "not provoked by me". I belive in the use of martial arts only when you cant walk away from a fight. I will forever use these techniques in my daily workout. Thank you for making this information available for others on the net. -- Will, 11/2000

Congratulations ! ! ! It's a cool home page and it really made my jiu-jitsu better. I love this sport and i can't stop it. Thanks for your hardworking and congratulations for the complete home page. -- Alexandre, 8/2000

I just wanted to let you guys know that your site is the best I have ever logged onto for this type of info. Keep up the good work. -- The "Furiouson", 3/2000

This site kicks ass! You guys do a great job of representing BJJ. It's so good to see you sharing information to the world at no price. The Technique of the Week page is very easy to follow. ...the site is very easy to navigate through. Jiu-Jitsu Net "taps out" any other martial art site out there. Thanks for keeping us members updated on the techniques page. -- Jeff, 9/1999


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