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Watch Techniques - Streaming Video
Streaming Video BJJ & MMA Techniques. Learn, reference and discuss Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Techniques. For JIU-JITSU.NET eTraining Members only!
ALL TECHNIQUES Grouped Into Classes for MMA & BJJ
Learn Techniques for Self Defense, Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Use this section for BJJ & MMA moves grouped and sequenced together in a classroom format.
MMA & NO GI ONLY - Techniques for MMA & Submission Grappling
Striking and Jiu-jitsu Techniques Grouped into Classes for Mixed Martial Arts and BJJ Techniques for Submission Grappling from All Positions.
BJJ - GI ONLY - Techniques for Sport Jiu-jitsu
BJJ - GI ONLY - Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Techniques Grouped into Classes for Sport Jiu-jitsu from All Positions.
Top Attacks and Guard Passing Techniques - MMA & BJJ
Jiu-jitsu Top Attacks and Passing the Guard. Learn, View and Discuss Individual BJJ & MMA Techniques from the Top Position. BJJ & MMA moves from all top positions including mount, side control/cross body, north south and how to Pass the Guard.
Guard Techniques - MMA & BJJ
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Guard Technqiues. View and Discuss Individual Jiu-jitsu Moves from the Guard Position for Self Defense, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Competition. Learn Jiu-jitsu Moves from all guard types: Closed Guard, Butterfly Guard, DeLaRiva Guard, Half Guard, X Guard, Rubber Guard & more!
Back Mount Techniques - MMA & BJJ
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Back Mount Techniques. Learn, View and Discuss Individual Brazilian Jiu-jitsu moves from The Back Mount and Turtle Positions. Learn How to Take the Back, perform Chokes and Submissions from the Back Mount Position and More!
Escaping Techniques - MMA & BJJ
Learn, View and Discuss Individual Escapes from Pins and Submissions for Self Defense, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. Escapes from all Holds and Submissions including Arm Lock Escapes, Triangle Choke Escapes, Omoplata Escapes, Rear Choke Escapes, Leg Lock Escapes and More!
Standing Techniques - Strikes and Takedowns - MMA & BJJ
Learn, View and Discuuss Techniques from the Standing Position for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Self Defense and MMA including Throws, Takedowns, Strikes and Reversals.
Download Techniques - Weekly Downloads for iPod, PC & HDTV
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu & Mixed Martial Arts Instructional Video Downloads for your iPod, Computer and HDTV.
BJJ & MMA Video Downloads
Jiu-jitsu and MMA Video Instruction for Download on your iPod, Computer and HDTV. NEW: HD BJJ & MMA Video Downloads! High Definition Jiu-jitsu Videos Now Available!
Fight Fitness - Fitness Videos and Discussion
Fitness Videos and Discussion for JIU-JITSU.NET Members Only.
Fight Fitness Forum
Fitness Videos and discussion of physical fitness related to strengthening and conditioning the body and nutrition.
Belts and Curriculum - For Students & Teachers
This area is for Students seeking information on Belt Requirements and Curriculum/Class Ideas for Instructors.
Belt Requirements and Curriculum
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Belt Requirements. This forum is for Teachers & Students seeking Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Belt Requirements and Instructors in need of Class Ideas and Advise. Members only.
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