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The Ultimate MMA Instructional DVD Series

JIU-JITSU.NET EXCLUSIVE! This DVD Set contains all New Footage,
not seen on any other DVD and is Not Sold in any other store.

Go Beyond the ABCs
and catch your opponent off guard!

This DVD Set is about going beyond the basics and learning to beat trained opponents.

Jiu-jitsu is the Ultimate Mixed Martial Art that every fighter MUST KNOW. No other style addresses all areas of fighting like Jiu-jitsu does; from dealing with punches to takedowns and masterful groundwork, if you don't know jiu-jitsu, you don't know how to fight.

     "There isn't a Mixed Martial Arts Champion who doesn't train in Jiu-jitsu and this set is the Most Complete Brazilian Jiu-jitsu DVD Set for MMA on the market so complete that you'll never have to buy another one again!"

HD Quality We've taken High Definition cameras into the classroom to create an MMA DVD Instructional with a "You're There" feel without sacrificing film quality; the result is an MMA DVD set that looks outstanding and puts you right in the classroom - this is as close as you can get without actually stepping on the mat - although you'll feel like you just did! You get to learn the techniques as if you are actually there and watch the moves from several different angles. In addition to the actual Jiu-jitsu techniques, you will learn associated drills and how to train them properly.

Works on Any DVD Player - This DVD set is filmed in High Definition (1080), but will play on regular DVD players - Although this set will look better than most, an HDDVD or Blue Ray Player is NOT required to play these DVDs.

Great for No Gi - Submission Grappling Competitors Too!
Although the focus of this DVD is on Jiu-jitsu with striking involved, most of these moves are also perfect for Submission Grappling Competition.


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Learn Precise Details of Advanced Techniques in Clear & Intelligent English

DVD 1 - Standing Techniques

This DVD will teach you everything from the fundamentals of takedowns to the secrets of the stand-up/grappling game for Mixed Martial Arts Competition. A complete look at how to defend against wrestling takedowns is also illustrated. As a Special Bonus, learn devastating reversals and submissions after defending against takedowns after the sprawl


DVD 2 - Passing the Guard

Fear the Guard No Longer! Award Winning Author and Instructor, Gene Simco begins this DVD with the most important Guard Passing techniques when striking is involved, then moves to his revolutionary "common denominator" guard passing method which will allow you to use New Advanced Techniques in order Pass every type of Guard Position a Jiu-jitsu expert will use. With a few easy to learn techniques, you to Pass the most advanced Guard types such as DeLaRiva, "X" Guard, Butterfly Guard and Half Guard; the counters to these guard types are easy to use, simple to learn and will be devastating to even the most advanced opponent. This DVD alone is worth the cost of the entire set and is a MUST HAVE for any serious martial artist.


DVD 3 - Top Submissions

Learn the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Submissions that actually work in high stress situations without the gi. Go beyond the basic submissions that your opponent is prepared to defend and learn surprising attacks that will catch even the most seasoned veterans off guard. You will learn the key points to controlling your opponent and how to put him in check with a barrage of unique submission sequences guaranteed to end the fight!


DVD 4 - Guard for MMA

Go beyond the fundamentals that you already know and learn how to use the Guard Position specifically for Mixed Martial Arts fighting. No time is wasted on this DVD with a bunch of random techniques that only work on unsuspecting opponents. This DVD will illustrate sequences of techniques for different types of trained opponents: ones who are standing and striking, grapplers who will engage and try to pass and those who prefer the ground and pound game. You will learn more than just single techniques - you will learn how to use your guard in order to create realistic opportunities to reverse and/or submit your opponent.


DVD 5 - Rubber Guard

This DVD will show the fundamentals of Rubber Guard for MMA, then go beyond what you have already seen, showing unique submissions, but more importantly, the second part of this outstanding DVD is dedicated to what No One using this guard wants you to know: How to Pass the Rubber Guard! After watching this DVD, you will have a COMPLETE understanding of the Rubber Guard and through knowing how to defeat it, you will also know how to use it better.


DVD 6 - Positional Escapes

This DVD will teach you how to escape from all of the key pinning techniques at an advanced level. Outsmart your opponent by sequencing escapes and being moves ahead - also learn how to actually submit your opponent unexpectedly when he thinks he least expects it!


DVD 7 - Submission Escapes

Become a Master of Escape! All of the key submission escapes are covered on this DVD including escapes from The Rear Naked Choke (from belly up and down), The Kimura (Top and Bottom), Key Lock, Armbar (inside Guard and from a pin), The Triangle Choke, The Guillotine Choke, Leg Locks & More!


Bonus DVD 8 - Striking Techniques

It wouldn't be MMA without a Knuckle Game! Whether you're watching this set as a Jiu-jitsu student looking to advance your game or from another martial art, there's nothing wrong with working on your punching skills. This DVD will show all of the fundamental punches form the standing position, along with footwork, defense, combinations, counters and how to get to the clinch with strikes.


 Jiu-Jitsu for Mixed Martial Arts 
 8 DVD Set 
On Sale, only $189.95 - Reg. 199.95

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